This great MMORPG scrolling game is now out in Android and it needs beta testers. When we say beta testers, that will give you the chance to experience early the game, get a grasp of its gameplay and discover possible strategies to top the game.

What's even better about being a beta tester for this game is that you get to have starting items provided by the game developer. Sweet deal right?

This Maplestory is in English version. The language is good for most players worldwide. The downside is that the beta testing period will only last a week. We don't have exact news yet if that closure is just for the registration or for the actual game testing. We will update this article as soon as we get news from the developers.

The period is a short-lived happiness for its gaming fans. The beta testers will only get the chance to be on it from January 22nd until the 30th. It's also reported that the game developers will have to clear up the game data, so expect this if you are planning to be on the game. Though it's quite sad to know that the data will be wiped, also understand that it's just for beta testing. This period is to simply give an experience and possible test the game out.

As a beta-tester, just expect to have the same time of gameplay like the ones that you have already played in PC. As usual, you'll get to select your hero class, Bowmaster, Dark Knight, Bishop, Night Lord and Corsair. All characters are definitely good prepared for the battle!

In this game, you can play alone or be with friends, whichever you prefer. You'll get to complete quests for dungeons and acquire gears and items. You can also repeat the dungeon runs to get more and better items. If you're excited about his, then you can pre-register now by getting the game from Google PLay.
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On January 30th, Final Fantasy Opera Omni - Dissida will be officially released.

This game with its "unique" name will be officially coming out on January 30th of this year. What's with the game? Read on.

So what's with the pre-registration? If you are one of the early birds of this game, then you will get a lot of gems for yourself! What's even great is that you can get more gems with the more accounts that you create. So you can have a strategy of going with a lot of accounts to get more gems! Sweet and easy.

For the first 10,000 players, the developer Square Enix is promising for 500 Gems each! They even promised about increasing the giveaway with more players signing up for the game. Their plan is around 2,000 gems for players if they hit 50,000 registrations.

This game is very promising for Final Fantasy fans. It will showcase your main characters for the game and of course all the combats and adventure experience with your allies. This game will bring out a lot of memories for the players.

If your in for it, you can actually pre-register now and grab your application in Google Play.
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The legendary game Tekken is making its way in the mobile platform. They are now open for pre-registrations and a lot of gamers are on it, waiting until its beta release.

For the mobile version of this game, players will get to unlock 20 characters in total. That includes the famous characters that we have been a fan of. Along with the unlockable characters, you will also get to unlock new fighting moves for each character. This is greatly helpful during matches for the game.

The most famous Tekken characters that you will get to play on this game are Kazuya, Panda, Paul and others. The game story is about Kazuya taking the goal to destroy all his enemies with the help of his allies.

What's good about this game is that you can play single player in story mode or you can also play in versus. With the versus mode, you can fight against another player online. This is great for you to increase your ranking and be known worldwide.

If you're a fan, then don't miss out and pre-register now. Time to bring back the glorious days of being a Tekken Master!
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We have been in hiatus after we have encounter turn-based strategy war video game for instance the Advance Wars, which was viewed on the DS console. Intelligent System has continually creating video games that based on fantasy world just like the popular ones and now the Tiny Metal is back to make fans continue to have fun with it with new information.

The game feature after a great war which destroys the lands, the inhabitants of Artemisia continue to fight for their borders and wishing for peace against the chaotic nation of Zipang.  You will begin in the game, by which the King of Artemisia has been assassinated, which make you the Lt. Nathan Gries with plenty of things in his mind and missions to find out more plots for invasion from their enemies.

If you want to play Tiny Metal on PC, you should know that the game is full of dialogue. You might complaint in the game, but you may like to follow the conversation so that you may know the game purposely, even if you want to press the joystick only to have fun with it. Now that you have already warned, Area 35 has featured the alternative of skipping or should I say fast forward, so that you will go directly the battle during the campaign. Nonetheless it would be best to follow the story as its give you understand this complicated world, although from the start if you are not interested with words that flies over the screen then you may proceed to the combat for fun. To be frank, we want this video game because we want to experience new combat. Well, the game will be given us a great combat experience. You will be given a job to guide your team in a grid-based to fight the enemy troops or finish off some side objectives for fun. During combat you will be given simple starting troops which are very effective on dealing the enemy together with special abilities to make them survive during the battle.

 There are different kinds of soldiers in the game, for instance your foot solder is the most vulnerable one but they are very effective in capturing any structure and use only few amounts of resources. Another thing is the Metals or the tank type, they are the strongest and are capable of destroying any vehicle types but their field of vision is lower along with its lower mobility. If you are a fan of Advance Wars you can be familiar with Tiny Metal because they are almost the same.

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